I dedicate this page to describe myself and talk about different dimensions of my personality.


The main enthusiasm of my life is to discover and understand the system of nature. One of the most astonishing elements of which, Language. That is what I am going to partially dedicate my life to. Ok, so let’s say I’m a Computational Cognitive Scientist who is just on the beginning of his path. I love to contribute to the science of understanding the brain specially in relation to languages getting help from computers. Ultimately, I wish to be a professor who changes the way for decades universities education have been; pretty inefficient let’s say. I would love to substitute coaching with teaching, the way to make the best use of physical attendance.

I am going to start a PhD position on fall 2020. Currently I am a guest researcher at Tilburg University, working on the my master’s thesis. Formerly here I was a research intern working on Computational Modeling of Language Acquisition. I will graduate from my master of science in Cognitive Science –Language and Multimodal Interaction– at Trento University. Starting from 2017 I studied a year of the master of art in Human-Computer Interaction in the same university. I did my bachelor’s in Computer Science at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran.

Social Contributions

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

I have ADHD. I’ve been diagnosed with it on 2005 being 12 Y.O. Ever since I read, searched, and investigated ADHD as a matter of introspection and self-awareness which gave me a unique profound understanding of it. The prevalence of ADHD is ~5% of humanity. Not everyone is as lucky as me in getting proper support and growing opportunities (simply a psychologist mother and being a bit lucky to have great people in my life who inspired me). So, I decided to share with society what randomly was given to me, and support people with Neurodevelopmental disorders, especially with ADHD, as much as I can, and with any possible way I am able to.

I have settled agreements with our kind and sympathetic disability office staff and Neurodiversity group members of our university. They not only supported me in any ways they could, but also, we managed to establish an official academic support for people with ADHD as for one of the first universities in Italy. I will continue this way and if you have a say about ADHD just contact me. I will be more than happy to be of help.

Please educate yourself with ADHD, whoever you are. Because ~5% of prevalence means one from each 20 people you see in your life has ADHD. And that can be your family, loved one, friend, colleague, or whoever you might care about. So please take your time and as an initiation I refer you to one of the best video descriptions ever by Dr. Brown here on youtube.

For more information about ADHD please go to my Page abuot it: Ali.MK/ADHD



Arts and Culture

Apart from all these, I am into folk dances. I started dancing so called BalFolk, on September 2017 within a dance group in Trento city in the north of Italy. Our dance group’s name is 33 Trent-in-Folk. BalFolk is not what you might think of traditional dances performed wearing shiny ancient clothes on the stages in national ceremonies. But it is a new way and a neo-classic reference to those dances for when they were being danced among people in cultures. To experience and have the same feelings of unity among a group of people and is more of entertainment and meditation.

Last but not the least I also play Setaar, A traditional iranian instrument. It is one of my best friends and in times no one else can make me feel better there she is.

That is more or less about me. You can find whatever I want people to know about me on this website. So if you are here to know me, welcome; take your time and enjoy. Bests