Alireza M. Kamelabad Associate Researcher at Furhat Robotics I am a researcher who is passionate about Languages, AI, and Cognitive Science.

Useful Coding Tricks

Useful coding Tricks!

The Obligatory Military Service for Males in Islamic Republic of Iran

The explanation of obligatory 2 years military service by islamic republic of iran.

University Degree Application Documents

A Persian presentation on the university degree application documents.

University Degree Application Documents feature image Photo Credit: Unsplash

The Dragon Warrior

Education is one of the unique skills humans have achieved during their evolution. There are some species who share a very limited version of it like some birds, but what incredibly made humans to be able to grow and develop with an insane speed was education.

The Dragon Warrior feature image Photo Credit: Disney

Useful Markdown Commands

Here are the collection of tricks and cheat codes for markdown which I use personally. Here I save them for further reference, but also for others to use maybe.

Critical Review of two studies on language processing

Here I will analyze the two studies representing different approaches regarding Language Processing and compare the arguments that the authors make to support their views.

Useful Ubuntu Bash Commands

When you use Linux (in this case Ubuntu) there are some particular commands which are so handy, and might save your time significantly and save you from spending so much time on nothing.