The Design of my website

I have changed so many things recently. This page will be updated soon!

Why does it look like this?

It worth mentioning that I have studied one year of Human-Computer Interaction masters. You know what? There I actually learned a lot about Usability and User Experience. Some people here might think, what is this design, it is nothing actually! It is just a simple html code! But that is all the point! IF the purpose of my website is all to give some basic information about me and make me officially exist on WWW, why do I need all the unnecessary CSS to deal with and also distract my audience – here you – from the actual content – which is me –. So I just decided to stay a literal minimalist and respect the most my user’s experience.


About the colors of the website I chose the ones which make your eyes the least tired and annoyed and let you be focused on the content. It also looks like a smoothie of Pineapple, Orange, Mint, and Peach which is a special I make and is my favorite as well. Here below the colors are mentioned:

It provides all the needed information needed for it. But the most important the time of update of each page you are in it. This way you will notice if a content is out of date or updated.

That’s it.