What Would I Change?

There are bunch of movies about time travel either going to the future or going even back to the future and to the past. Surprisingly(!) I like this science fiction as well. I have thought about the possibilities of it before and had some says on it. However, these travels do not need to be exactly the way these movies are. Sometimes I also travel in time. One of the biggest differences between our species and the other animals, is, in fact, the power of imagination. Creating the pictures that never have been there before, or thinking and picturing the events that might happen later or see what is not present here in mind. This makes us have a partial access to our long term memory and be able to have an alternative stream of events that might have happened if we have taken another decision about something in a certain point of time in our life; which sometimes is being named as regret! Recently I feel travel in time more than what I used to, which explicitly might mean that I regret more. However, it is not the case.

Not always we are aware of the consequences of decisions we make, nearly never! But we can have intuitions about that, which can also be terribly not true. Therefore when time passes and I age more and more, there are mathematically more decisions that I have taken. Hence, statistically, it is more probable that I go back in time and see what would I have changed, or what I would not. More number of decisions, mathematically again, makes the combination of the results also much more complex. Anyhow, today I want to tell the story of different times continuum that would have happened to me changing some critical decisions. The story I want to tell today, can also be an answer to why people make children!

What is not happening in my life and who I am now, is the actual reality that is happening. If you wonder who actually I am, you can see the page About Me. But let me go more in details, and give reasoning about what lead me being this. It was 9th of October in 1993 when I was born. I think we can agree on not going through butterfly effects of googolplex1 other events leading to me being born (such as, some tribes deciding to stop in some random land instead of continue walking for another day 10 thousand years ago!). So, after all, I was born. And I think in the life of everyone, this point actually is the most important event (as if not happened, nothing else would have.). It took me about two years to start having conscious perceptions of the world and actually remembering things.

What would I change if I could time travel:

I would not spend time making this page

  1. Because I did not have a reason or idea to do it
  2. Second because


Study the Linear Algebra much better.

When I had enough time in my bachelor to study Linear Algebra in depth and with quality I wasted all that time not knowing the importance of understanding the intuitions behind everything in Linear Algebra. All five years after my bachelor’s passed regretting why didn’t I pay enough attention to Linear Algebra. To be clearer, all Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Graphics, and … depends on Linear Algebra.




I would continue my classes with my master when I left the class at the age of 17 after a year and half. If I have continued that, by now I was a master myself.

Music Theory

I would study and learn about Music Theory. Harmonies and sounds, and all about music composition. I would try to understand the structure of music. And the mathematics behind it. Exactly when I bought the Music Theory book in the age of 16.

I would try to find a Piano and start understanding the color of notes.


I would find a way to sing the songs I like and develop my singing career. I was singing for myself from when I remember. When I was 18 or 19 people started telling me I have a good voice. I realized that it is true when I was around 22. And yet I didn’t do anything for it. And time passing more people told me I have an amazing voice (and still I didn’t do anything.)


I would start learning how to dance when I was 15.

  1. Googolplex is the biggest named number equal to 1010100 and I think here is even less than what actual number of decisions