Alireza M. Kamelabad M.Sc. Cognitive Science / B.Sc. Computer Science I am a researcher who is passionate about Languages, AI, and Cognitive Science.

I will start my PhD in Linguistics under MSCA ITN Early Language Development in the Digital Age (e-LADDA) project in October 2020, where I will be Associate Researcher at Furhat Robotics in Stockholm, Sweden, and Graduate Student at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in the Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab. My supervisors are prof. dr. Gabriel Skantze at Furhat Robotics, and prof. dr. Mila Dimitrova Vulchanova at NTNU.

The main interest of my life is to discover and understand the system of the human brain, one of the most astonishing elements of which is the Language. I am also amazed by the power of computers in our era and I see an immense influence of Digitalization and Robotics in many aspects of human’s current and near future life. Since I would like to have my impact on its development, I am standing on the meeting point between Linguistics, Social Robotics, Cognitive Science, and Artificial Intelligence, where I will be investigating the aspects of language acquisition by the interaction of Furhat robot with young (atypical learner) children. Ultimately, I wish to be a professor who changes the way for decades universities education have been; pretty inefficient let’s say. I would love to substitute coaching with teaching, the way to make the best use of physical attendance.

I graduated from Master of Science in Cognitive Science at Center for Mind/Brain Studies (CIMeC), University of Trento, where I was supervised by Dr. Aurelie Herbelot and Dr. Afra Alishahi. I was visiting Tilburg University for an Internship and partially my thesis project.

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