I am Ali;

an individual human being. Scientific research is my occupation (the one putting food on my table!). I study a three-way hinge connecting Cognitive/Psycho-Linguistics, Social Robotics, Pedagogy and Education. This website tries to be a digital version of me as a private individual. It is a schema and mimic of whatever I am in real life. Here you can know me better and find all the information you need about me. Feel free to explore the links out to my other profiles which describe me in details related with what you might need.

If you are searching for more information about my research please go to my KTH profile or the website of my PhD project:

KTH Profile Link PhD project Link


Besides my main job there are lots of other things I make myself busy with. I love playing with sounds and I am directing an acoustic film (a movie without picture!). I play an Iranian instrument called Setaar[in Persian: سه‌تار] since 2007. Balfolk community has accepted me since 2017 where I unofficially dance and instruct Balfolk dances, including Mazurka which is my favorite. Having a free one key broken electronic piano in our department, I am also trying to learn how to play Piano.


I love Human Languages in any aspects and they shape one of the main edges of my personality. I am native in Persian and Azeri, and fluent in Italian and English; Currently, I actively learn Swedish and Russian. I have some comprehension of Arabic as well and I will try to improve it over time.

Human languages are not the only ones I know, I also speak with machines. With machine learning algorithms and big data I speak Python. Sometimes to the data I also speak R. Hard to believe but due to a particular obsession I had during my bachelors, given enough time I can directly talk to circuits in binary 0 & 1 or being lazy I could have communications in assembly.

From my childhood I also try to vocally communicate with cats using some cross-situational learning :)) I believe I have had some progress but you’d better ask cats for their evaluation (Good luck).

Social Activities

I am alive for the society I live in. I believe no resources have been distributed fairly; and if there is one goal in life, and the definition of being a good person for me, is to use the random opportunities and resources given to us, in order to normalize this damned distribution. My morality is based on Human Rights in parallel to Nature’s wills. The definition of the borders and countries is obscure and what I enjoy the most, are different cultures. I am a fan of Justice rather than Equality and where possible I try to avoid general rules and law for everyone.